#PRESSRELEASE 14-01-2019

PARADOGMA available on demand.

The documentary, which premiered in Potsdam in September this year are about concerns freedom of opinion, censorship and polarization. It is the second part of a planned trilogy. After three months of touring through European cinemas PARADOGMA will be released online via Vimeo on Demand on January 18th.

The first part “The Uncertainty Has Settled” was about the paralyzed debate on climate change and energy. Therefore Poels was both demonized and praised.

In part 2 of his trilogy – Poels goes deeper into the phenomenon of denunciation of the dissenting, what is the mechanism behind the tyranny of the ‘majority’. And what the psychological consequences can be if people no longer listen to each other. He looks for the outliers and independent thinkers in his film. For example, Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson,
German stock-broker Dirk Müller and ‘the most dangerous philosopher on earth’: the Russian Alexandr Dugin.


“Initially I wanted to make a completely different film. But due to the aggressive reactions I received after releasing The Uncertainty Has Settled, I found it important to make this story first. With PARADOGMA, I want to pave the road for a broader public debate which is becoming increasingly smaller. We have to come together as people and dare to talk about important and sensitive matters. The solutions to most of our problems, whether that is climate change, migration or else, can only be found outside of the political correct space where we’re in. That’s why we should go across the boundaries of convenience and confront ourselves with dissenters. Over and over again”.

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